A Lively Look at Lighting: Our Visit to LuxLive 2019

Here at Connected Light we like to remain up-to-date with all things lighting, meaning that exhibitions such as LuxLive, Europe’s largest annual lighting event, will always be a valuable experience for us to visit. Last month, members of the team travelled to the show to take in trends and investigate the industry, building up our knowledge of the lighting world.

LuxLive banner

The event was themed across three main areas: Smart Spaces, Emergency Lighting and Workplace & Wellbeing. In and amongst the beautifully lit displays and eye-opening activities (more on this later), there were expert talks and panels discussing everything from the Internet of Things to futuristic workspaces, with intelligent new products and fresh research to showcase lighting’s current position within society.

With this in mind, here are three main takeaways from just some of the talks that were attended:

  • Lighting can be the answer to our SMART needs, because it is everywhere. Arancha Robles (OSRAM) explained how it is lighting’s sheer presence that makes it the answer to our smart technology needs. We can get data from everywhere, because lighting is everywhere. We have light in our cities, our workplaces, our schools, our homes, making it a vital option to extract data from.
  • This data has incredible uses and can help us reach energy saving solutions, improve wellbeing and productivity in the workplace, and over time lead to a connected environment which understands us and our needs.
  • Emergency lighting is pervasive. As discussed during a talk with Heidi DeLucchi (Luxbox), Peter Earle MSLL (Signify) and Ashley Batup (Chess Wise), the panel highlighted emergency lighting’s pervasive nature. We can take this to mean it is always here, always prevalent, and will be for the foreseeable future, making it such a substantial aspect to consider in the industry.


hacer stand

A variety of beautiful fittings were on display through the venue. Image taken at Hacel’s stand.

Also at the exhibition was the chance to understand the importance of emergency lighting within Thorlux’s Emergency Evacuation Experience, where visitors had to escape a room, firstly in complete darkness and secondly, with emergency lighting in place.  This was an intuitive way of displaying why emergency lighting design is so important to consider – even if we all of course hope to never need to use it.

Finally, we were able to chat with many company representatives, both new and those we have established partnerships with, in order to discuss how we can work together to continue providing innovative lighting projects to our clients.


Overall, the show provided us with numerous interesting insights and as such a notable event in the industry, it will always be a worthy visit. Until next year!