Bristol Airport Central Walkway

With a total of 6.3 million passengers using Bristol Airport during 2014, the need for expansion at the Airport has been essential. This Summer they declared open their £6.5m central walkway project, designed specially to ease congestion at peak times.

Bristol Airport strives for energy efficiency and sustainability throughout their facility and lighting is an important factor in this. Connected Light worked with the airport on the central walkway to ensure that the lighting technology fits with key targets for both energy and maintenance reduction.

Low-energy LED fittings are used throughout the new walkway areas providing a cool, white light to ensure safety and increase customer satisfaction. These fittings work with energy management systems to decrease energy even further.

Daylight dimming detects natural daylight from either side of the building and uses it to adjust the fittings so they to provide steady lux levels. Connected Light also combine the daylight harvesting with occupancy detection to ensure that when an area is vacant lighting is dimmed down to 10%.

The overall effect of the completed project gives a light, airy feel to the walkway area, maximising the space for holiday goers and business people from all over the world.