Bristol Sweetmart

Bristol SweetMart is Bristol based suppliers of ethnic foods and spices to both the general public and to the Restaurant trade. They are the biggest supplier in the South West. Their recently opened Deli needed to have a modern look to attract a new type of trade in addition to their regular customers.

Bristol SweetMart’s Deli required creative illumination above and around their counter tops and working areas to blend with their existing counter lights. With a considered mix of recessed and pendant fittings and kickboard LED lighting, Connected Light achieved the desired finish.

Sweetmart wanted to achieve;

• Modern look simple pendant lighting for above the deli counter area– to blend in with the counter lights.

• Recessed attractive MR16 downlights for above tills.

• Kickboard Lighting– blue for under the deli.

We achieved this by;

• Above Deli-ES Glass white/brown patterned pendant tear drop shaped lights– simple ES conversion to low energy lamp.

• Recessed Till Downlights-MR16 brushed steel Downlights with drop etched glass finish– simple and cost effective– MR16 LV for sparkle.

• Kickboard Lights-Used MR16 ‘Secret’ Downlights with internal tilt,Swapped lamp holder to Mains GU10– polished Chrome. Added GU10 2.4W LED Blue lamp to illuminate floor area.

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