Buckland Abbey

Buckland Abbey, the ancient home of cistercian monks and later the famous seafaring adventurers Drake and Grenville, has a Great Monastic Barn used traditionally for exhibitions, galleries and interactive displays. Connected Light were asked to bring the barn’s lighting into the 21st century without harming the aesthetics of the building or its content.

The existing halogen lighting was long over due for replacement so we were asked to provide a low energy solution. Working in conjunction with The National Trust and English Heritage, Connected Light were specifically asked to provide an LED floodlighting solution that provided programmable scene control and RGB colour changing facility.

With the use of 26 floodlights, strategically placed on the top of the wall plates, we were able provide a variety of programmable scenes which avoid glare, enable the roof space to be illuminated and produce a variety of colour effects for exhibitions and events. This enables the property to increase the variety of activities held within the buildings.

With the additional flexibility of LED floodlighting, came massive energy savings. Each fitting is driven through a series of programmable drivers with a running load of only 12watts. Therefore with all 26 floodlights in use the overall energy consumption is 312 watts, using less power than a single 500w halogen floodlight.