Fox Talbot Museum

Based near Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire lays the home of National Trust’s Fox Talbot Museum, home to the life works of photographer William Henry Fox Talbot. The museum celebrates Fox Talbot’s contributions towards photography and has a variety of displays throughout telling his story.

The previous lighting scheme comprised of over 130 35W Halogen reflectors which burnt over 4500 watts. Connected Light were brought in to bring a more efficient lighting solution to the museum whilst working with the current system and being suitable for the historic settings.

Connected Light have successfully used LED in several of National Trust’s properties prior to Fox Talbot, and have found that it is a great alternative as LED does not give out an UV or infra-red, it is sympathetic towards the historic settings as well as being a lower wattage yet equivalent to the halogen.

The expected energy savings every year were in excess of £1400, and the forecasted payback period was less than 2 years. Each lamp installed has an expected lifetime of 25,000 hours, which is around 8 years for an average National Trust property.


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