Kingston Lacy Gift Shop

National Trust property Kingston Lacy, based in Dorset, was built as an extravagant family home constructed to resemble an Italian Palace. In 2011, the National Trust approached Connected Light to update the lighting in the Gift Shop following a complete refurbishment.

When lighting these types of properties, the lighting needs to be sensitive to the historic settings and suitable for the surroundings. Connected Light have been working in association with the National Trust for many years, and changing the lighting over to LED technology means Kingston Lacy are making energy savings of over £2100 every year, and have a payback period of just 3 & ½ years.

Connected Light chose to use track mounted spotlights with LED lamps to highlight certain products throughout the Gift Shop. Also adding fluorescent fittings to wash the walls with colour offered good colour rendering across the remaining areas of the Gift Shop.

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