Quarry Bank Mill

Built in 1784, National Trust property Quarry Bank, an old cotton mill with working waterwheel is a large site based in Cheshire offering its visitors the chance to come along and learn about the works of the industrial mill.

Quarry Bank approached Connected Light to help change their previous lighting to a more efficient lighting scheme using LED. To keep the costs low, the decision to keep the existing fittings was made and the entire project incorporated the replacement of 500 halogen downlights using lower wattage LED substitutes.

Although there was an initial outlay, for the lamps, the payback period was estimated to be less than 18 months with average energy savings of around £9,000 per year which was a considerable amount for the National Trust charity. Alongside the energy savings, maintenance costs were also saved as the average halogen lamp lasts just 1,000 hours compared to the average LED lifetime of 45,000 hours.


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