Snapdragons Nursery, Horfield

In September of this year, Snapdragons Nursery chain opened its newest nursery in Horfield, Bristol.

Snapdragons have transformed the Grade II listed Old Chapel, originally built in the 1840s for the soldiers of the Gloucestershire Regiment, into a nursery suitable for 100 children. Using the space wisely, and spanning 3 floors within the Chapel walls, the nursery offers a wide variety of areas for quiet time and indoor and outdoor play.

To ensure low energy and low carbon emissions throughout the Chapel, much consideration was given for each fitting used. As such a historic building, lamps and luminaires needed to be chosen considerately to compliment the original features, shape and style of the building itself and LED was chosen for its many complimentary benefits.

The ground floor entrance and foyer have been fitted with low wattage recessed spotlights whilst the downstairs play room has Philips surface-mounted luminaires. The rooms on the top floor feature attractive LED surface-mounted luminaires which spread light onto the floors as well as the ceilings through their direct/indirect light.

Ensuring the building complies with Emergency Lighting regulations, bulkheads have been installed throughout the stairwells, these are maintained so stay on at all times. At each doorway, slimline exit signs have been installed to direct customers to the nearest emergency exit. 3w Anti-panic downlights have been installed in the corridors and high traffic areas. All emergency fittings installed are LED which are not only bright but modern and sleek too ensuring they fit in with the guidelines required.

Connected Light worked in conjunction with DTE Electrical who installed the light fittings throughout the site.


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