UWE Corridors

The University of the West of England (UWE) campus site at Frenchay covers a large area, and is made up of multitude of buildings used for a variety of uses. This includes sports, science labs, studios, theatres, lecture rooms and a labyrinth of corridors and classrooms.

Connected Light have been working with UWE for many years, using lighting technology to help them reach some key business objectives.


• Reduce Energy

• Reduce Maintenance

To free up more time for planned maintenance.

• Improve Aesthetics & Ambiance

Make the surroundings more attractive and enjoyable for staff, students & visitors.

• Revolutionise

Be seen to be using modern up to date technology.

• Coordinate

Achieve coherence and consistency on new projects and refurbishment work.

There have been many success stories for sustainable solutions at UWE, none more so than the on-going replacement of corridor lighting.

By using the Zumtobel Panos Infinity LED downlighters, to replace louvered fluorescent luminaires, savings of over 35% were instantly achieved.

In addition to this, PIR’s with integral photocells have been installed potentially saving a further 70% by occupancy detection, with another 30% saved by daylight detection dimming.