Due to increasing urbanisation across the UK, there has been an increase on demand for road and street lighting.

Many Local Authorities are seeing a financial impact due to this increase, and the importance of meeting environmental goals to reduce energy is high. Road luminaires also ensure safety. In residential areas, on traffic roads and on paths. They also help give towns and cities a new appearance in darkness. Aesthetically sophisticated and robust lighting solutions optimise lighting. LED technology also provides a longer product lifetime and almost freedom from maintenance costs helping towns achieve efficiency to an unprecedented level without the need to turn street lighting off.

Environmental compliance and new legislation needs to be taken into consideration when choosing the correct exterior lighting solution for your roadway. Our lighting engineers use a wide range of well-known suppliers offering the most appropriate solution for your roadway. With LED lighting and outdoor lighting controls, we endeavour to support your Council provide a safer street, reducing crime, accidents, increasing personal safety and developing local trade and tourism.

Residential Street Lighting

Residential Street Lighting

Residential street lighting requires it to be attractive during the day and bright at night. When designing residential street lighting, the  solution must ensure safety and blend perfectly with the aesthetics of the surrounding houses, it needs to distribute a positive atmosphere and also increase the quality of life in the neighborhood. With aid of the latest LED technology we can offer road lighting that is both effective and cost efficient.

 Busy Traffic Road Lighting

Busy Traffic Road LightingLighting busy public roads can be a difficult  process. It needs has to be bright enough for both motorists and pedestrians and for preventing crime. At the same time the LED  lighting should create a pleasant atmosphere that upgrades urban areas with an attractive design that is also environmentally friendly, efficient with a low maintenance requirement.

 Public Area Lighting

Public Area LightingSecurity is of the utmost importance when it comes to lighting public spaces. Pedestrians need to be able to move between vehicles and cross the road safely, where quite often the field of view can be limited. LED luminaries and effective design layouts can match optical characteristics and  comply with the latest standards.

Cycle Path Lighting

Cycle Path Ligthing

As cycling becomes more and more popular in the UK cycle paths are also gaining importance. This is especially relevant in urban areas with the requirements for cycle paths being demanding as roads for vehicles. Subtle lighting, sufficient light levels and glare elimination are of utmost importance, along with an efficient. long term, solution.

Business Park Lighting

Business Park Lighting

Hotels, restaurants, hospitals, office complexes, shopping villages and heritage building are all examples that can benefit from bespoke lighting solutions. Thanks to variable lighting concepts, functional buildings can now have their own light presence. Our LED portfolio not only sets elegant, linear accents with in ground luminaries but also on walls and ceilings and walkways with bollards and other modern fittings.

Plaza Lighting

Plaza Lighting

Optimal lighting is especially important when people require a perfect view of things. Large areas, such as plazas, must be reliably and safely illuminated. One of the key characteristics of good lighting in this sense is long life LED products as easy maintenance of the luminaries is key for reduces costs, along with low energy output.

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