Working alongside our suppliers, we are able to provide warehousing facilities with ‘green’ upgrades to existing solutions.

Warehouse lighting traditionally used to mean high cost. Lighting installations and associated energy and maintenance costs are both expensive and disruptive. Adding in lighting controls was also a costly complication, but not anymore.

Lighting Services offer Green Warehouse Lighting Solutions combining industrial LED fittings with simple lighting controls. A system can be reconfigured at any time, offering flexibility to capitalise on warehouse efficiency. 

New Green Lighting Controls

LED warehouse Lighting Batten

Traditional high bay (and low bay) lighting is both inefficient and expensive to maintain. The dawn of industrial LED fittings changed all that, combining effectively with with intelligent control systems. New control systems use occupancy detection and daylight harvesting to enhance warehouse efficiency.

However, even new systems can require costly and complicated rewiring. With this in mind we also offer innovative, wireless lighting controls to reducing installation time. Wireless systems are also extremely easy to configure and reconfigure helping to future proof any investment.

Brighter Warehouse Spaces, Zonal Control

Green Warehous eLighting

Traditional lighting is both wasteful and costly. It is unnecessary to light industrial warehouse spaces all the time. This is where occupancy detection and zonal controls can help to preset LED fittings to a dimmed background level. Fittings can then automatically switch to a higher output when movement is detected. Occupancy controls working alongside effective daylight harvesting to boost energy savings. This is done by automatically dimming the fitting when natural daylight is present to maintain constant light levels throughout operating periods.

Intelligent control systems allow the grouping of individual LED fittings into operating zones by remote control. This allows for sensible configuration.

Reduced Maintenance

The LED luminaires we use in our Warehouse Lighting Solutions are from the worlds leading manufacturers and have a reputation for reliability and long lifetimes. Zoning, occupancy control and daylight harvesting all help extend these lifetimes further to enhance energy savings and cost reductions, significantly lowering the cost of ownership compared to traditional lighting systems.

Our Cost of Ownership™ tool can project savings and payback periods specifically for your business. In many cases we can accurately forecast vast energy savings and payback periods within 2 years.

Employee Health & Well Being

Better light quality and output always means increased comfort which significantly increases productivity. Modern LED light fittings give a consistent light spread and a high colour render which eliminates dark areas. This allows staff to do their jobs in a more suitable environment.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

We understand the challenges businesses face to reduce their carbon footprint. Our Green Warehouse Lighting Solutions can make a valuable contribution to reducing costs and carbon, helping businesses to keep their focus on enhancing business efficiency.

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