The changes to Landlord Energy Standards

The Landlords Energy Standards states that as of April 2018, Landlords need to ensure their properties have an Energy Performance rating of at least an E, and it will be illegal to let any property with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of F and G.

Many landlords will be looking at putting into place an ‘energy efficiency plan’ to look into reducing their carbon footprint. Lighting is just one small way to help decrease the energy rating of a property.

Here at Lighting Services we can help increase your energy performance rating by replacing your existing lights to more energy efficient LED lamps. An average LED light bulb will last approximately 20,000 hours compared to 2,000 for a conventional lamp. We can offer a wide range of lamps to assist with any room within your building.

What this means to you

Lighting can reduce your annual energy and maintenance bills by £100s per annum (depending on the size of your building). We can help you find the right energy saving light bulb for your room to maximise the light output whilst keeping your costs low.

Payback for you has many benefits. If your rent includes energy bills, you will see a reduction in these and begin to see a payback within months. If your tenants are responsible for their own bills, then with their own reduction, they will have a little more money available to pay their rent.

Whether you own a private or a business property, we can help.