Brighton Toy Museum

Home to over 10,000 toys and models, including historical and antique toys and models, underneath Brighton Railway Station resides the Brighton Toy Museum. In 2009, the Toy Museum approached Connected Light as they had started a major renovation and decided they were also in need of a lighting upgrade.

Connected Light decided the most economical lighting that would suit would be an LED solution. Using LED meant that they could be assured there would be a bright light emitted as well as lighting that wouldn’t damage the historical items as LED does not emit UV rays.

Working closely with the Museum’s founder, Chris Littledale and the Chair of the Museum’s Collection’s Trust, Antony Capo-Bianco, Connected Light replaced the traditional lighting scheme to incorporate the LED luminaires and Cove Lights to light each cabinet and corner. The result was a well lit museum. The client’s vision has been achieved using technology as the provider and enabler, helping to secure the future of this magnificent museum.

Connected Light sponsored the museum by offering advice and guidance, as well as special pricing structures which were implemented by both Philips and GE as project sponsors.

Please visit the Brighton Toy Museum’s website


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