Lighting Services work with leading suppliers in office lighting to provide excellent light quality throughout your office environments.

Having good light levels in your office will keep staff attention throughout the day, boosting performance and providing a relaxed business environment. Another advantage is the savings to running costs with significant reductions in energy by upgrading or refurbishing outdated technology. Light management systems and LED fittings provide further savings in energy and can help businesses achieve their environmental targets.


General Office Lighting

Office LED Lighting

Ideally a lighting solution in an office should create a positive and motivating atmosphere that allows work to continue unobstructed by glare. By having a discreet lighting design along with the use of occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting ensures enables employees to work with a constant light level.

Open Plan offices

Open Office LED Lighting

Open plan offices tend to have greater glare reduction needs than smaller offices due to the large floor spaces. Planning the lighting design for each individual desk and especially the placement of computer monitors ensures that work spaces are lit to appropriate light levels.

Executive offices

Executive Office LED Lighting

An executive office tends to have a dual function as both an office and a meeting room. Quite often there is a need for a sophisticated interior lighting design. The ideal lighting solution must satisfy the demands of a top end design, but must ultimately be driven by how energy efficient it will be.

This balancing act is much more achievable in today’s market place with LED technology. New fittings have an impactful, aesthetic and compact design giving our engineers the flexibility for innovative designs that can meet energy targets. Accompanying accent lighting can be introduced along with lighting controls for scene setting functionality to suit each task.

Conference rooms

Office Conference room LED Lighting

A flexible lighting design is often required for  conference and meeting areas to meet the range of atmospheric and functionality requirements. Presentations, discussions or creative workshops, all require a combination of lighting styles. Our engineers use a wide range of luminaries and lighting styles to suit the variety of needs for these areas.

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