City of Bristol Gymnastics Centre

The City of Bristol Gymnastics Centre have installed an IOT intelligent lighting system to improve the lighting in the space, save energy costs and reduce the need for regular lighting maintenance.

Maintaining the old metal halide lights was difficult, as the gymnastics hall only closed 1 week a year for maintenance.  Connected Light proposed fittings which have a proven useful life of 100,000 hours, meaning that the lighting would require significantly less maintenance than the 8,000- hour lamps which were previously illuminating the space.

After our services were provided to COB Gymnastics, an energy saving of 74, 954 kWh per annum, an energy cost saving of £11, 028 per annum and increase in fitting life of 92, 000 hours was finalised.   The wattage of the new LED fittings is now 55% lower than the outdated lights, and each fitting has its own presence and daylight detector, overall maximising energy savings.

Alison, Assistant Manager at the City of Bristol Gymnasium responded to the new lighting installment saying “We would like to say how happy we are with the new lighting that has been installed into our centre over the summer. The lighting offers a much brighter light and we have found it really helps the staff who spend long hours in the gym.  The lighting feels much more natural compared to our previous lighting system”