Bristol Airport, Staff Areas at Admin House

Bristol Airport’s admin building, Northside House, is key to the running of the business. Sustainability is at the forefront of everything the Airport does, so making a move to low-energy LED lighting technology was a high priority.

The original fittings used within the lobby area were a mix of fluorescent lighting and louvre strips hiding the ceiling structure. The engineers at Connected Light were tasked with introducing low-energy fittings working with the large space. We were also required to incorporate a reception, staff break-out area and catering area.

The reception and communal areas were given a complete makeover using parts from Aeroplanes. Connected Light used their skills and knowledge to install LED lighting, and an emergency lighting system, into the Aeroplane spares.

The main breakout area was transformed by replacing old fittings with LED equivalents, battens in the ceiling, and up/down lights to accentuate the pillars within the building.

Being the entrance to the main administration building, the reception area needed to give a bright and airy feel to visitors and staff alike. Using LED downlights and panels to light the main reception and corridors, making the space whiter and brighter. This makes the area more welcoming to those visiting the building.

The Aeroplane parts needed special attention from the Connected Light design team who were able to incorporate lights into and around parts of the old aeroplane, wings and window panels. The window panels were backlit with blue strip lighting to create a fascinating feature on the walls in areas throughout the ground floor of the building. The wings had small downlights integrated in them, along with emergency spotlights to create a unique feature hanging from the ceiling in the main staff breakout area.

Finally, Wings Café needed fittings suitable for their catering environment. LED panels were used above the serving area, to maximise space and give their customers a clean, bright environment to purchase food from.

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