New lighting in a week

City of Bristol Gymnastics Centre (CBGC) selected Connected Light as their expert partner to deliver a complete enhanced lighting scheme within a very tight one week timeframe. CBGC’s existing lighting fell below the lux levels required for competition standards, was energy inefficient, expensive to maintain and lacked control.

In order to specify the correct solution, Lighting Architect David Lakey worked on site with CBGC to propose three solutions. Giving CBGC complete control of the installation, whilst maximising energy saving was key. For this reason Digital Lumens products were selected; giving the best compromise between cost and performance whilst enabling the site to enjoy the benefits of IoT technology.

The new lighting had to be installed during the annual shut down week, giving just seven days to complete the installation. The Digital Lumens products utilise wireless control which enabled existing cabling to be used. This reduced the installation time.

A successful install was achieved, giving a maintenance free lighting solution, slashed energy bills, improved light levels throughout and full dimming control.  When discussing the new lighting with Assistant Manager Alison, Alison expressed her admiration in the project, saying “We would like to say how happy we are with the new lighting that has been installed into our centre over the summer. The lighting offers a much brighter light and we have found it really helps the staff who spend long hours in the gym.  The lighting feels much more natural compared to our previous lighting system”.

Do you have a space requiring a lighting upgrade but only a short window of opportunity to get it done? Get in touch!

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