New school lighting: payback through savings


First Year Savings: £21,428

Technology Used: Philips Professional LED Lights

Turnkey Service: Design Consultancy, Supply, Installation & Commissioning

Savings Payback Time: 4 years 6 months

Funding Source: Salix


Bradley Stoke Community School required a tailored lighting service to enhance their spaces and improve their energy efficiency across classrooms and communal areas alike; utilising LED.

They were aware of the maintenance burden of their older fittings, and asked Connected Light to design a solution that would provide a new look to their spaces, while contributing towards a more sustainable future, and reducing their outgoing OPEX.

A calculation of the effectiveness of the existing systems was drawn up with an explanation of the results a more upgraded system would provide, enabling Bradley Stoke Community School to envision the outcome from the beginning.

The project transformed the space both aesthetically and in terms of the savings made, enabling the school to receive a brand new lighting system and improve experiences for students and staff.

Following the changes, there was a substantial 65% energy saving per fitting in the classrooms and 43% saving per fitting in the common areas. Most importantly, the project will be paid back through the savings made, over a calculated payback time of just 4 years and 6 months.

In addition, the new lighting scheme raised compliance standards throughout.


“The pupils and teachers are delighted with the lighting upgrade for Bradley Stoke. The school is more brightly lit, which creates a better environment for them, and the school is saving significant energy costs which we can put towards other causes.”

– David Sanders, Operations Manager, Olympus Academy Trust


We started by surveying Bradley Stoke Community School’s spaces, building up to a full cost of ownership to help us understand how it was currently functioning and ensure the best return from new lighting. We installed a selection of professional Philips panels, downlights and emergency lighting to revolutionise the internal spaces of the school, working closely with them to ensure timely completion with minimal disruption to the day to day.

We were conscious of making sure everything was time efficient for a busy school and therefore we handled all aspects of the process, including the application and securing of Salix funding on their behalf. Salix provides interest free loans for schools to complete energy efficiency projects which reduce carbon emissions as well as lowering energy bills. This provides the initial upfront costs for the project immediately, making it even more valuable for schools to have projects such as these completed.

Indeed, the benefits will continue to extend far beyond the project, as we installed longer lifespan fittings which require less ongoing maintenance, and our availability and involvement will continue with our further after-sales support to the school.

If you would like our help to explore lighting solutions and Salix funding options for your education environment, why not get in touch?