UWE Lecture Theatres

Connected Light have worked with the University of the West of England (UWE) for many years, helping them to achieve their sustainable objectives through modern, energy efficient lighting.

Connected Light were given certain requirements by the customer to adhere to including; reducing energy consumption, reducing overall maintenance costs, improve aesthetics and ambiance, and revolutionise the University by using modern lighting technologies. All of which are important to the University and their sustainable targets.

All fittings chosen throughout the refurbished lecture rooms were LED, replacing the previous fluorescent luminaires ensuring a saving of over 35% almost instantly. In addition to this, PIR sensors were installed allowing a further saving of 70% with occupancy detection, and 30% dimming through daylight detection.

Emergency luminaires were also replaced with a self-test non-maintained 3-hour emergency fitting. Beginning at the initial stage and working over the next few years, all new LED emergency fittings will link together to one central point to allow testing from one location. This system alone will save UWE over £100,000 each year in maintenance.