Pan Asia, Fine Oriental Cuisine

Bristol’s newest Thai restaurant, Pan Asia, is a treat for any diner with a weakness for fine cuisine to be eaten in a stylish and authentic environment. Whist our team of engineers would be hopeless fools in any commercial kitchen, creating ambiance and atmosphere with lighting is where they come into their element.

Connected Light were approached by Pan Asia to advise and supply the best lighting solutions to for their concept lighting plan. This was for both the main restaurant and the back of house areas.

The main restaurant required a mix of LED downlights and wall lights. The downlights would complement the existing pendant lighting, improving light levels and creating a balanced and atmospheric ambiance. Wall lights and LED tape would accent the restaurant’s architectural features.

We suggested a standard downlight option fitted with a Philips LED lamp to create a cool white contrast to the mood lighting, and to increase the restaurant light levels. Philips lamps remain top of the market for performance balanced with price and are the most suitable LED lamps for commercial applications.

In the back of house areas, we needed to take a more commercial approach in order to bring a high light output but from an efficient source of light. The lighting concept Pan Asia brought to us had specified more traditional fluorescent panels. We instead proposed an alternative LED solution which would bring in higher savings over a shorter period of time than fluorescent, whilst also offered higher light levels, longer lifetimes and superior warranties.

Connected Light were also able to advise and supply Pan Asia on a stand-alone Emergency Lighting system, fully compliant with British Standards.