Connected Light achieves BAFE SP203-4 Certification

Connected Light are proud to announce they are now BAFE SP203-4 certificated as an Emergency Lighting System Service Provider (to deliver Design and Handover/Commissioning services).  This is an exciting update and a further indication of our commitment to health and safety standards as we continue to seek ways in which to enhance the specialist services we offer.

BAFE SP203-4 logo

What is BAFE?

BAFE is an independent registration body that develops schemes to which companies can be assessed against to ensure they are able to provide quality and competent fire safety services.

It is an independently audited known mark of quality which proves professional competency of the service provider, their systems and their staff. Third Party Certification assessments for the BAFE Schemes are completed by UKAS Accredited Certification Bodies, offering a level of quality you can trust.

How does being BAFE registered help us, help you?

Using a BAFE Registered Company to carry out your required projects is a way of showing that your commitment to safety and compliance has been paramount in your choice of service provider. Once your project is complete, following the requirements of the appropriate BAFE scheme, you will receive a certificate outlining the work has been completed by a company registered to your chosen scheme – and therefore, the proof of your attentiveness to ensuring you have sought out a competent business.

As our BAFE SP203-4 Registration is Third Party Certificated via UKAS Accredited Certification Body BSI, through this you can be assured that we have been thoroughly and independently assessed for our compliance to procedures and high safety standard of emergency lighting design and commissioning. You can find out more reasons about why you should choose a BAFE Registered Company here.

What is happening next for us?

Connected Light are currently working towards completing the final commissioning and certification stages of their first project under the BAFE SP203-4 requirements; helping our client showcase their compliance to fire safety standards by using us – a company registered to the SP203-4 Emergency Lighting Systems Scheme. We are excited to complete this work and continue helping further clients achieve emergency lighting projects to the quality and standard that BAFE SP203-4 certification provides.

If you are also looking for a lighting upgrade with that enhanced peace of mind, why not get in touch to find out how we can help?