Lighting in the New Year: The Value of an Upgrade

light connection lines across globe at night

For many of us, we see the new year as providing an array of opportunities. Whether you’re simply looking forward to a fresh start or are working hard on a new year’s resolution (we believe in you!), it’s a chance to make big changes.

While lighting may not be at the forefront of your mind in the post-Christmas haze, we think it’s a great opportunity to think about what can be done to transform your spaces through lighting, to undoubtedly make things better and brighter for you, your staff, and your visitors.

With this in mind, here’s a few points that explain how reimagined lighting can enhance your space.

1. Improve energy efficiency and start saving. You likely want to save some money this year, and an inefficient lighting system can cause all manner of financial problems. Older lighting usually requires more energy to run and greater maintenance, which of course increases your bills, while also being worse for the environment- siphoning away more energy for less light output than their modern counterparts.
2. Enhance experiences. It’s sometimes difficult to imagine how important lighting is to wellbeing, productivity and day-to-day life. Surely, as long as a space is lit, this is enough? Not quite. In an age of spending extensive amounts of time indoors and increased screen exposure, clean and appropriate lighting is vital.
3. Customise your control. As well as improving general fittings and aesthetics, the way in which you use lighting can be completely revolutionised. From a simple motion sensor to only turn lights on when people are present, to controlling lights in your building from your mobile phone, you can change how you work with lights- and how they work with you.
4. Combine it with other useful components. Want your lights to double as asset trackers? To check the air quality? To monitor your energy usage? The right lighting system can offer much to help improve and understand your spaces, far beyond the brightening benefits.
5. Improve safety and your compliance. Every commercial building in the UK must have safe and legally adequate lighting. This includes battery back-up mains lighting to enable safe egress from the building in the event of a power failure. However, an effectively designed lighting system can go above and beyond this, by having extra features that show your commitment to your workforce and compliance to health and safety laws.

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