Bristol Airport’s new backlit welcome sign

Bristol Airport’s logo has been created into a new energy efficient sign and which shines out over the runway greeting new passengers. The new signage has utilised LED lighting to illuminate Bristol Airport’s logo throughout the night.

The new installed strip lights are IP66 rated, ensuring that it is waterproof and suitable for all weather which is perfect for the height it is located. Tony Ludlow, project manager at Connected Light says; “LED has helped Bristol Airport reduce their energy output throughout the site. The new signage is just one example of using modern lighting solutions to keep energy low. The signage lighting runs at just 266 watts compared to the average kettle which uses 1800 watts.”

Melanie King, Environment Manager Bristol Airport said: “Low energy lighting is part of our site-wide approach to energy efficiency, and part of our ongoing commitment to improving our environmental performance.“

Bristol Airport welcomed 6.3 million passengers in 2014, with an expected continued growth in 2015. Connected Light work with Bristol Airport to encourage and support the business save energy and reduce carbon through the latest in sustainable lighting technologies and controls.


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