The Bristol Guild

As Bristol’s best loved shop celebrates their one hundred and first year, Connected Light have been supporting them raise the bar of bespoke retailing in the city. Lighting, as we all know, is an important part of any interior design project and none more so than in retail.

The Bristol Guild is a remarkable labyrinthine shop on Park Street, covering four floors and selling many matchless products you just won’t find anywhere else. Each room has a theme and as part of Connected Light’s ongoing relationship with Bristol Guild we focused recently on giving a face lift to the main entrance and the toiletries, toys and jewelry departments. Each with their own theme but with essentially the same consistent objectives:

Brighten up the appearance, bringing out the remarkable colour distinction of each department, whilst at the same time converting to more energy efficient and sustainable products.

In continuation of the work Connected Light have previously done it was important to reach a level of consistency throughout the premise where possible without compromising the distinction between the departments. Carefully selecting products is always important and our suppliers of choice, including Reggiani and Philips, provide the luminaires and lamps for the task.


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