Up to date, and efficient lighting designs can do more to create memorable experiences than the things you merchandise.

We work with you to identify a specific design that serves your needs both now and in the future, as your business evolves and changes. We recognise that consumers want quality lighting products with creative designs. This philosophy ensures Lighting Service lead the way in practical, creative, and a cost effective lighting solutions for both large and small retailers.


Getting lighting correct in both restaurants and hotels is important in ensuring guests are fully satisfied and enjoy their time spent there. Lighting Services’ engineers are qualified in providing your application with a flexible lighting solution, personalising the space accordingly.

In many cases, lighting is required for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our Cost of Ownership™ tool can project your annual savings and reductions. There are many benefits to upgrading and installing lighting to LED, including lowering energy usage, carbon footprint and maintenance costs. Our lighting engineers will be able to suggest the relevant lighting controls suitable for each application

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